The Fortnite Summer Event begins today – 14 days of new challenges and modes!

Epic Games announced the final seasonal event for Season 9, which will be the fortnightly two-week summer event called 14 Days of Summer. The event will include daily changing contents such as outfits, new in-game modes and challenges that change every day with rewards that you can get if you complete these challenges.

Fortnite Summer Event details

The Fortnite event will also continue to provide new and different styles, including returning weapons and equipment that were previously removed from the game, and it will also provide some weapons for 24 hours in the game within the days of the event, and the event will last for two weeks in which Epic Games employees will be on vacation, as the studio announced The employees will leave from June 24 to July 8 for a mandatory two-week vacation, however, as evidenced by this event, the game itself will not face any downtime during the absence of Epic employees, but rather the opposite will provide more content for players.

The Fortnite summer event will include more than 14 temporary patterns every day, which will be mostly new, and although we do not know all the styles that the game will present during the summer event, Epic provided us with some details and said that it will be new and original.


With the current season of Fortnite, Season 13 is one of the best seasons out of the last few seasons, so far there’s not much grumbling about this season.

With this season looming all summer, players are fully prepared to tackle the submerged map for months.

Epic Games employees will be taking their annual leave soon, so we might be waiting for another event!

Here’s everything we know about the 14 Day Summer event.

Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer event – Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer is an idea that was implemented last year during Season 9.

The event was two weeks long and was the same time all Epic Games employees were taking their summer vacation, so with no one in the office, they planned 14-day content.

Each day contains a new set of challenges – LTM’s timed game modes – the return of an old one-day weapon and new contents in Orphan Shop.

Similar to Winterfest, this event was one of the best events Epic Games launched!

When will we get the event?

This year, Epic announced that they will be having a vacation from July 3-12, so we’ll see the event soon!

Once the files are added to Fortnite, we’ll be aware of all the challenges.

Expect things similar to last year, which was a daily new challenge in addition to rewards for completing a specified number of challenges.


Like what we mentioned above, we expect players to get some free rewards like last year.

Last year we were able to get a Peely Smoothie Backpack and some other bonuses!


Players expect new skins in the orphan shop every day, and like last year all the skins will be associated with summer.

Timed Game Styles – LTM’s

Although we’ve seen a shortage of LTM’s – time-specific playing styles over the past two seasons, we expect this to change in the coming weeks.

Who knows what are the strange ideas of Epic’s playing styles that you haven’t told us about yet.

New weapons

Hopefully, Epic will do the same thing they did last year which is to bring back one 24 hour old weapon. This addition was one of the event’s best features last year.

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