How To Get Free V-Bucks in Fortnite

Tips you can follow to get free V Bucks in Fortnite

Hello, today we will talk about how to get Free V-Bucks in the game Fortnite for free, as the V-Bucks are useful currency, through which you can buy what you need, including weapons and a set of items that you will need during the game, but obtaining them is not easy, as You must be patient to collect the V-Bucks, without wasting your money.

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Since V-Bucks is the virtual currency in the game Fortnie, through which you can buy many of the items that you will need in the war, this is why Epic Games has made getting this currency difficult, without the need to open the wallet, as this currency is sold as DLC.

How to get V-Bucks in Battle Royale Mode.

There is one way to get Free V-Bucks Generator during the battle on Fortnite, but it is a way that consumes a lot of time, and it is as follows: You must play the Battle Royale mode without obtaining the Battle Pass and develop the free, to reach the levels offered by the game. However, this offer is limited and spurious.

Mostly the free pass only offers 200 V-Bucks for each season, you have to play five seasons to get your possession to buy a Battle Pass (950 V-Bucks), and it progresses to levels 11 and 34, where they are the only two levels offered. A cash bonus to the player.

And if you can collect V-Bucks by this method, and buy the Battle Pass, then you will encounter many other levels, which will reward your work with the V-Bucks, so keep your progress to the point of collection necessary to purchase the next pass.

And during each season, play a lot to improve your level and your ability to play, to stand up to others, this is what will make you continue to buy the Battle Pass, without the need to waste your money.

There are several ways to earn V-Bucks in Save The World mode

  • Completing Daily Quests: Save The World mode enables a wide range of Daily Objectives, each of which results in 50 V-Bucks.
  • Entering the game daily: This method is the simplest method that does not require you to play, as you will get different items, every day you log into Save the world mode, without resetting the prize sequence, in case one of the items is skipped.
  • Full Story Mode Missions: This mode is distinguished from the others, as it contains a series of missions accompanied by many gifts and rewards, and at level 70 and later you will also receive Free V-Bucks, and you will also be able to join a group of players, to defend the higher-level areas, but The not good thing about this situation is, you cannot reconsider, when tasks are completed, so you cannot grow V-Bucks in this way.

Now let’s talk about our ways to how to get Free V Bucks Generator

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