How did Fortnite break all records ?!

A battle, a fight with a group of friends against zombies and other groups, and a dance to make fun of your enemy … A great combination for fans of war and fighting games that comes from the game that spread like wildfire in a short time, which is the game Fortnite: Battle Royale, and according to the company that issued the game Epic Games, it has arrived The number of players to about 10 million only two weeks after its release !! Today, after about a year, more than 125 million players around the world have reached !!

It is now available on playstation 4, xbox 1, windows, mac OS, iOS, and Nintendo Switch, and it was recently released for Android, so we can learn together about its world:

The hype about the game

The reason for Fortnite ‘s rapid spread is that it is Free V Bucks Generator, and also because of its adoption of the “Battle Royale” gameplay, which has become very popular recently. Fortnite is a mixture of two games: Minecraft, which includes construction, and Left 4 Dead, which includes fighting zombies.

The events of Fortnite go back to modern times, when a sudden storm leads to the disappearance of a large proportion of the Earth’s population, bringing with it zombie-like creatures seeking to eliminate the remaining percentage.

The game allows up to four players to collaborate as a team to be able to fight these ferocious creatures, which aim to destroy as players collect resources and items in limited quantities, so that they can build defenses and set enough traps to help them achieve victory.

A new type of battle has recently been added, where it has become possible to establish battles between the players themselves, whether individual battles or groups, so that the battle for survival is for the strongest, whoever seeks victory must survive the storm, in addition to being able to eliminate the rest of the competitors in the round.

The game sends you by plane to multiple maps of your choice, these maps were built randomly, where the player descends from the plane via a parachute in an open ground where the safe space continues to narrow with time, as the player must run quickly to be able to pick up his own weapons, and build His fortifications so that he could win.

Players get rewards for performing certain tasks that are offered to them. These rewards enable the player to improve their hero and support teams, and develop defenses and traps in order to be able to perform more difficult missions.

Game interface

Let’s talk a little about the entrance interface to this game, where the start interface contains seven basic windows, so let’s get to know these windows and their work:

Start of LOBBY arcade window

This window is the main window and the entrance to the game, through which you can specify the number of players who will participate in the battle via the Change Mode button, through which you can choose either Solo, DUO or Squad.

The LOBBY window on the left also contains a small window that shows the level the player has reached, and the Daily Challenges list that gives experience points when completed to raise the level, and the player gets other free rewards as well.

The second window is BATTLE PASS

It contains two passes, the first is free, a Free Pass, that gives you free rewards when you pass a row by completing missions, either dress or dance, and many other things at the rate of each two rows as a free gift.

The second pass is a paid Battle Pass in which you get one or several prizes that can be up to four when passing one row.

The third window is Challenges

It contains one free pass challenge, and multiple battle pass challenges that may be daily or weekly challenges, and each challenge consists of seven missions that increase in difficulty with each task accomplished.

The fourth window is LOCKER

It is the window through which you can specify the player’s profile and equipment, such as determining the shape of the hero, the weapon and the parachute, and through it it is possible to specify a specific dance that the player can perform to mock the opponent or to celebrate victory.

The fifth window is the ITEM SHOP

Through this window, the player can buy the items he wants, such as a mask, a hero, or a weapon, and many other offers that the player can benefit from.

The purchase is made using a special currency that the player wins from performing missions as rewards.

The sixth window is CAREER

This window contains the groups and a list of the greatest players in the world, so the player can know his global ranking through this list, and the window also contains replay of previous battles.

The seventh window is STORE

This window enables the player to obtain more coins to be able to take advantage of more offers, and to be able to obtain the hero and his suitable attachments; To be perfect and able to compete in difficult battles.

The fact that Fortnite is one of the greatest war games throughout history, it is distinguished in every detail of the quality of the image, free movement, strategy, and the multiplicity of weapons, in addition to the possibility of construction, which is a unique feature, and it is the first games to use this feature.

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