Get Fortnite Vbucks For Free 100% 2020

If you are looking for a free way to ship Fortnite Vbucks, then you are in the right place, this is your chance to ship thousands of Vbucks on Fortnite for free, now the right, do not miss, Shipping Fortnite vbucks for free.

Just follow the steps outlined below on the site, and you will be able to ship thousands of VBucks on the Fortnite game for free in a few minutes.

First, what is Vbucks and what can it be used for?

Like other popular Battle Royale games, Fortnite has an in-game currency that players can spend in different ways. Like buying character skins and outfits, as well as weapons, axes you can also spend Vbucks to buy dances and emotes, and also don’t forget the battle cards or what is termed as Battle Pass.

Note that you cannot refund the value of unused Vbucks money, and it is also not transferable between Epic Games accounts.

Any Fortnite content that you purchase with your VBucks money will be available on all devices linked to your Fortnite account.

Why should you trust our website to ship Fortnite VBucks?

Advantages of using our site to ship Fortnite V bucks for free

100% safe

Securing your account is our first priority, the only thing we need is your name inside the Fortnite game. The email of your account, APEC Games.
You will not be forced to enter any additional or personal information, such as your account password or anything of that nature. Hence, your account will be secure for the duration

100% fast delivery

One of the most important features of our website is the speedy processing of information and data that enables us to send the V Bucks obtained from you in the least possible time, meaning that within a few minutes you will reach your Vbucks account on your account

Vbucks without limits

This is our motto, Shipping Vbucks without limits. Thanks to the sponsors of our website, we can send thousands of Vbucks every day to hundreds of players in different Arab world, you can pay every 24 hours to use our site to charge your Fortnite account easily and without limits
What are the steps to shipping Vbucks on Fortnite for free through our website?
First step :
Simply enter your name in your Fortnite game and click start. You do not need to enter your password or any additional information
The second step :
After verifying the username that you entered, it is now time to choose the platform on which you are playing, PC, Playstation or Mobil .. Then you will also choose the package or quantity of Vbucks that you want to ship
The third step :
This is the most important step, as we mentioned earlier, our site ships Fortnite Vbucks for free, thanks to the donors and sponsors of our site, so as a last step, ask you to pass a simple investigation process to decode the content and receive the collected Vbucks Fortnite … Don’t worry Most of the time, this process does not exceed 30 seconds, after which the Vbucks is sent directly to your account.
Feel free to charge V-bucks now 
Do not hesitate, recharge now and enjoy thousands of free Vbucks, recharge the Batel Pass and hundreds of housing units today … Only a few minutes separate you from thousands of free Vbucks

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