Fortnite’s revival of life has come true after releasing update V8.30!

After the great success of the game Apex Legends, especially those new systems that the game presented for the first time in the world of Battle Royale, we published a while ago leaks stating that the revival of Fortnite may come to the game soon, which was confirmed to us by the developer studio Epic Games after the launch of the update Which bore the number V8.30.

Although the system launched by the Fortnite game is very similar to that in Apex Legends, some things have changed here, which we will learn about in the following lines:

Revive Fortnite – Reboot Van

Reboot Van vehicles have been added to some places inside the Fortnite map in a big way as they will work to return the players who were killed to the game again in the event that someone from the team can take the ball that will fall to the ground, which enables him to return you to the game if it is done Activate this card in one of the Reboot Van in the map, as some of the characteristics to bring a team member back to the game again were as follows:

The player’s card will remain there for 90 seconds after it is dropped on the ground.
Capture the card will take 0.5 seconds.
It will take 10 seconds for players to return to life until the card is accepted.
After returning one of the players, the Reboot Van will be stopped for 120 seconds until you can use it again.

And if a team member is brought back again, he will lose all the weapons and resources he has collected, but he will return with:

100 life points.
Ordinary pistol weapon.
36 bullets for weapons.
100 wood resources.

The update also included some changes to the gameplay and modifications to weapons, including the Infantry Rifle weapon, in which the damage was reduced from 40 to 38, as well as the ability for players to change the accuracy of PC devices.

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