Fortnite – The most famous game has 10 changes in the new patch 14.20

Fortnite events take place on this planet nowadays, where the sudden emergence of a global storm causes the disappearance of 98% of the world’s population, and zombie-like creatures appear to attack the rest. The player will help fight the storm, protect survivors, and build weapons and traps to take part in the fight against waves of these creatures that try to destroy targets. Players earn rewards for these missions to improve hero attributes, support teams, weapon arsenal and traps so they can perform more difficult missions. The game is backed by micro transactions by purchasing a special currency that can be used for upgrades.

Major update

According to “Techworld”, “Fortnite” received a major update a week ago, and “Epic” announced another update. The update is Patch 14.20 and it will come to the game soon and will be amazing. There are at least ten changes that this update will bring to the game, including So: new bosses, new map locations, new legendary weapons, new skins, and more.

Other minor updates

Finally, the helicopter will move over the map and reach a location called “the Authority.” There are no further details about this except for the change in location, another update will be the arrival of the Fortnite birthday theme found in the game files.

There are also chances that Sif and Ghost-Rider will come into the game. Finally, Epic will fix a bug that allowed players to go to AFK in Creative mode and lift XP. The patch will feature a lot of interesting events and appearances with minor bug fixes to make the game better.

Various Fortnite updates

First: there are rumors that Epic may upgrade the Battle Bus. The same scheme is available on the whiteboard at Stark Industries, and in addition, the bus may work on the prototype of the reactor.

Second: “Risky Reels” will be converted to “Risky Cafe”, this may happen at any time without any prior announcement.

Third: Since Rocket League will now be free to play on all platforms; Players can redeem a free bonus that will be part of the Rocket League-Fortnite collaboration.

After that, Wolverine will appear as a legendary captain in Battle Royale. After the event ends, players will have Wolverine skin available for use. The game files also include information about the mega pack and the annual battle card. The mega pack could last for an entire year with lots of rewards, however, Epic has denied any plans to launch it.

Fortnite holiday updates

With the festive season approaching, it is time for the annual Fortnite Halloween event, “Fortnightmare”. Epic has already begun to include décor changes such as grids and scary images, and there is also a new section in the store dedicated to “Spooky Skins,” and in the future, these may also include OG Skulltrooper skins.

Not directly related to the event but with the Halloween theme it will be the arrival of the exclusive Gamestop look, last year it was Merry Mint Pickeaxe, but there are no details on what might be released this year.

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