Epic Games continues its court battle to bring Fortnite back to the Apple Store

San Francisco: Epic Games returns to the arch of court Monday as it tries to convince a federal judge in the US state of California that the popular video game Fortnite should be returned to the Apple App Store, despite circumventing the commission the giant charges for operations across its platforms.

Apple limits the ability to download apps for users of its popular devices to its own online store, while Epic Games is fighting a battle against the 30% commission charged by the iPhone and iPad manufacturer from the money users spend on apps.

Epic Games has been facing Apple for several weeks on the back of this commission, which the developer of Fortnite considers unfair.

Last month it tried to circumvent Apple’s iOS-based payment system, but the US giant was quick to pull Fortnite from its online store. This move was upheld by a judge on the grounds that Epic Games had breached its contractual obligations.

This showdown comes at a time when Apple is prioritizing the sale of digital content and subscription services to more than one billion people around the world who use devices powered by its iOS software.

The commission dispute was an occasion to join forces with other app developers who accuse Apple of having a monopoly policy in its App Store.

A group of top developers, including Epic Games and streaming music giant Spotify, have finally joined forces to push for a change in the rules for dealing with major online markets run by Apple and Google.

Google runs the Play Store for apps designed for devices powered by its Android software, and it also charges a commission, but leaves it free for users of its devices to download apps from other online stores if they want to.

Under the banner of Coalition for fair applications, Apple and other platforms must “agree to undergo oversight to ensure that their behavior encourages market competitiveness and that they offer consumers a fair choice,” the companies, Allied under the Coalition for fair applications, said.

These companies are seeking to develop legislation governing the operation of online app stores, taking on mobile platform operators, especially Apple and Google, as the adversary and arbiter in any dispute, and accusing them of crushing competition by promoting their own products.

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