All you need to know about Fortnite

If you like Battle Royale games, be sure to read this comprehensive guide that will guarantee you victory in the popular Fortnite game. Once again, the exciting battle royale game Fortnite is back stronger than the first with a new release that includes many great changes.

In this new version of the game, you will enjoy a completely different gameplay experience from the previous versions, as there will be a whole new island that you must discover, so everything you know about the fighting environment must be re-learned, not to mention the new gameplay mechanisms that the game introduces for the first time. With these major changes in the Fortnite world, it has become imperative to seek help in understanding this new world. In this comprehensive guide, we will review all the information you need to become familiar with the missions, challenges, maps and other elements of the game.

A detailed review of Fortnite

Despite the fierce competition that Fortnite faces from other popular games such as PUBG and Apex Legends, Fortnite is still considered one of the most popular games in the world, with more than 10 million players participating in the game at one time. Although firearms may not be exceptional, and there is an increasing level of obstacles to the entry of new players, Fortnite offers an interesting battle royale experience that is constantly evolving and has a great modern feel.

Ultimate guide to Battle Royale Fortnite

If you are looking for help in order to enjoy an interesting gaming experience with Fortnite, you will find everything you are looking for in this comprehensive guide that was prepared after spending many hours exploring the new gameplay environment and various tactics and challenges in order to provide you with useful information that you will need to get started Your journey to victory.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

The second season of Fortnite is the twelfth season of the game, and it is undergoing major changes, including new locations, secret agents, and AI-based characters, in addition to many others.

Map of Fortnite

The Fortnite map saw an all-out change in Chapter 2 as it came with a new design and included loads of new locations to discover, such as Steamy Stacks and Slurpy Swamp. And in the second season of the game, many bunkers have been added, such as The Shark, The Yacht, The Grotto, The Rig, and The Agency. Thus, there has become a new playing field, everything related to it must be known.

Fortnite battles tips for winning

Want to win your first Victory Royale in Fortnite Battle Royale?

We will provide you with a set of important tips to help you achieve your goal. Battle Royale games are the most popular games at the moment, and whether you are playing Fortnite on the computer or on the mobile phone, you will benefit greatly from the set of tips in getting to know all the weapons, items and ideal locations in which you can land and collect loot. Although you may be an expert in the famous PUBG battle royale game, you need these tips in order to make a difference in the battles for survival that you will fight and become a professional in the game of Fortnite.

Use headphones

Use good headphones so you can turn the tables on your opponent’s head. And since the game is free, it won’t cost extra money to buy good headphones. Wearing headphones may be the deciding factor in determining your fate, because knowing the whereabouts of other players is the most important component of Battle Royale games even if you do not have enough equipment and tools. Don’t make a noise, and when you hear a noise nearby, be prepared to fight.

Always be alert

You should always be prepared, because Fortnite is not for the faint of heart and does not involve any amount of relaxation, there is always another player around preparing to take down you. If you hear a faint noise, be careful, as you may be shot and fall, and at that time you will have to return to the starting point to be sad and frustrated.

Battle Royale games are mind-blowing games that test shooting skills, and the same goes for Fortnite Battle Royale. Always make sure to put yourself in the shoes of the other players and imagine how they will act in certain situations so that you do not act in a way that puts you in danger. For example, when you think of taking refuge in a safe zone, know very well that there are a lot of players who struggle to reach it.

Fortnite has a large map, but it is not very large. Whenever you shoot with a player, know that there are opportunistic players who will turn to you. Build walls for your protection, and target players who pose a threat to you.

The circuit is the most important component

In Fortnite, you have to keep an eye on the circuit. When it shrinks, it will swallow you. And all of your strategic decisions should be based on the difficulty of your position. If you’re in the circle and the countdown starts, focus on how the circle shrinks.

If you run into misfortune and the safe area is far, make access to it a priority. And if you see some players and cannot defeat them decisively, pass them by. And avoid entering dangerous areas in order to prove your skill, because you may get killed.

Make sure to take Shield Potions

Make sure to grab these magic blue potions because they make a big difference to your gameplay. These potions will last throughout the match, but they will not protect you from some damage, such as falls. Not only that, you can also take two doses to double your capacity and get a great advantage that guarantees you superiority.

You can obtain shields with 3 different items: Regular Shield Potion, Small Potion and Slurp Juice. The normal dose gives you 50 additional SP points, with a maximum of 100 points, while the small dose gives you 25 SP, with a maximum of 50 points. Slurp Juice gives you a double advantage: 25 SP and 25 POs. If you get to an area where other players are present, take these shots immediately. If there are no other players, try to find shields before you take your Shield Potions so you can get the great 200HP perk.

Do not engage until you are sure of victory

Unlike the vast majority of multiplayer shooter games, the goal of Fortnite Battle Royale is to survive and not hit the most opponents’ casualties. Although you might be able to kill 98 opponents in Fortnite, the possibility of losing the round still remains.

Your main goal in Fort Knight is to survive until the end, so you should not rush to make a decision to clash with opponents until you are sure of its result. Some ill-considered decisions may get the attention of some nearby players, and then you may get killed.

Despite this, some high-risk strategies may produce positive results. When you drop your opponent, you will get loot that will boost your equipment to make the difference in the final stages of the game.

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