5 ideas that Fortnite stole from other games and succeeded in!

It is no secret to anyone that the great success of the Fortnite game, which won millions of fans on all platforms, is now one of the first games on the Twitch and YouTube platform, despite the many competitions that other gaming companies tried to enter, but the Fortnite game continued to provide everything new and interesting. For players.

Certainly, this success requires a lot of work and at the same time it requires a lot of new ideas as well, which in the event that the Fortnite game does not own it, you steal it from other games simply, and this is what we will learn about now as we will show you 5 ideas that the Fortnite game stole Than other games.

1. Selection system from Apex Legends game

After the great success of Apex Legends game in the first launch period, the threat was real for Fortnite as the game Apex Legends took the place of Fortnite for a short time on the Twitch platform, which provided players with some new systems such as the selection system that allows you to locate enemies or weapons And all the elements, which facilitates the task for players to interact more with the team, which is also what Epic Games stole and brought to the game Fortnite.

2. Apex Legends revival system

Once again from the Apex game, which many admired with its system to restore life to the team players, which works to return all individuals or a specific player after his death in the game, which was also stolen by Fortnite and presented to the players, which received a lot of welcome, especially at the beginning of the round as the journey to search for a weapon It may lead to your death and the team continuing to finish the round without you, which may be the savior in this case, through which you can return the player to the team again after securing the area.

3. Pirate content from Sea of Thieves

Recently the game “Sea of Thieves” began to appear again on the Twitch platform because of the fun and interesting adventures for players in the world of pirates, but this appearance did not leave Fortnite to continue without taking some of it as Epic Games and in the update of the eighth season of the game presented an island Pirates, which are similar to those found in the game Sea of Thieves, as well as some things found in the game of Sea of Thieves, such as bananas, player shapes and a journey to hunt treasure.

4. Battle Pass is free at the time of the Apex Legends game release

In fact, this may not be theft, but it is of course one of the things that the Fortnite game tried to do to keep its players without paying attention to other games that try to raise the ceiling of competition, which is what the Fortnite game did, as at the time the Apex Legends game was released, it Fortnite with a generous offer to get the Battle Pass for the eighth season for free, after performing several easy challenges, which guaranteed them the presence of players in the game, especially since it is the first time that Fortnite offers this type of prize.

5. The Battle Royale mode completely from the game of Peggy

The real thing is that the idea of the Battle Royale appeared for the first time in this way by the game of Peggy, which the Fortnite game stole and turned it into a complete game for it, which brought the matter to the courts between PUBG and Fortnite, but in the end the matter ended without result, but the Fortnite game transformed Its basic style from zombie attack to battle royale, this is big and successful heist.

This list was for 5 things that Fortnite has stolen from other games that have succeeded in fact, do you think that the game will continue for the coming years? Share your opinion in the comments!

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